Height Lengthening Resources


Life After Height Lengthening Surgery

Learn about the height lengthening recovery process and tips on how to facilitate a smoother recovery. Read all about your frequently asked questions in the new guide on height lengthening.


Tall vs. Short People

There is a real difference in how tall people and short people are treated, and how short people feel about themselves. You may not realize it, but height affects your social status and the way you perceive it.


Leg Length Discrepancy

Most people with a leg length discrepancy (LLD) have a difference of 5.2 mm or more; however, many people do not understand the condition and how this can be treated. Learn all about it in this free guide.


Height & Mental Health

Increasing your height can help achieve a boost in your self esteem. Also, learn about the Precice Nail System! Heal faster with the latest, innovative technology in the height lengthening industry.


The Precice Nail System

The Precice Nail System is an innovative limb lengthening technology taking the height lengthening market by storm. Learn all about it here in the Precice Nail System ebook.


Stem Cell Therapy

If you're one of the millions of people suffering from bone or joint pain, this guide will walk you through the process of healing your aches and pains with stem cell Injections.


Bow Legs in Adults

Do you suffer from bow legs? This guide discusses what causes bow legs in adults, how to prevent it, and what treatment options are available to have bow legs corrected.


History and Facts about Height Lengthening

Is height lengthening for you? This guide will go over the facts about height lengthening and when it began, the lengthening process and procedure, and the recovery process.


Stop Feeling Short: Get Taller Now

Tired of feeling short? Height Lengthening is the answer. Learn about height lengthening surgery, how the procedure works, the fracture healing process, and more.


Promote Healing with PRP Therapy

Suffering from injuries or pain that just won't get better? In this eBook, learn how PRP injections are proven to heal pain, speed up recovery, and provide long-term results.


Stem Cell Injections

Learn about the uses, benefits, and the process of harvesting Stem Cells, why elderly and athletes should consider treatment, and what the recovery process is like.